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    22/11/22 06:00 PM

    Secret Shortcuts of Loading Web Performance & Critical Thinking in Software Engineering

    Slavko Salontaji & Nikola Mitrović
    NT Park, Novi Sad
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Dragiša Spasojević


This time, two Geekstone Heroes prepared excellent lectures for the community.

First Lecture: Slavko Salontaji - Critical Thinking in Software Engineering

Problem-solving and critical thinking can only be developed through practical work. However, we can improve them by deeply understanding the processes.

What you can expect:
You will get an overview of why are problem-solving and critical thinking crucial in software development gathered over 20 years of experience. Backed up with examples and guidelines.

What you shouldn't expect:
An algorithm that will solve your challenges easily - Problem-solving and critical thinking are human processes that can't be automated.

Second Lecture: Nikola Mitrović - Secret Shortcuts of Loading Web Performance

In this presentation, Nikola will talk about:

How to optimize the delivery of all files (HTML, CSS, JS, images, etc) over the Network, which our web application depends on. How to effectively watch out for our bundle size and split JS bundle into multiple chunks with the techniques like lazy-loading?
How to apply advanced caching techniques with the help of Cache API and Service Workers, so we don’t ask for the same files all over again?
How to minimize and compress files to make them as small as possible?
How to handle large images in our web app?
How Server Side Rendering is fitting into this picture?

These are just some of the questions we’re going to answer in this talk, with a lot of real-life examples in React, so we can boost the loading time of our app to the speed of light. 




Slavko Salontaji & Nikola Mitrović

Slavko is Technical Principal at Vega IT, with over 20 years in the IT industry. During his lecture, Slavko with share with the audience his extensive experience and why critical thinking is crucial in software development.

Nikola is an experienced software engineer with 6 years in the industry. He works at Vega IT as a software engineer and development lead. More skilled in Front-end Development, with a high level of experience in working with Micro Front-end architecture, designing projects as a set of standalone components that include their own interfaces, logic, and storage, developing mini-applications independently and composing them all together in the browser with different integration techniques.

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