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02/11/23 06:00 PM

Dive into Rust's Ownership System with Nenad Stojković

Nenad Stojković

Join us for an enlightening presentation by Nenad Stojković, software architect and a tech excellence officer, as he delves deep into the fascinating world of Rust's ownership system.

24/05/23 06:00 PM

Evolving architecture: Lessons learned while transitioning to Multitenancy with Success

Milan Deket

Join us on a captivating journey as we share the story of a project that transitioned from a single-tenant to a multitenant system architecture. We'll discuss the initial decision to use single-tenant architecture, the limitations and challenges encountered, and what led the team to consider multitenancy as a solution. Also, we'll dive into the fundamentals of multitenancy, its implementation approaches, and the additional measures required to create a fully functional multitenant system. Finally, we'll celebrate the end result and reflect on the transformative impact of embracing multitenancy in system architecture.

23/03/23 06:00 PM

PER DATA AD ASTRA: How to connect artificial intelligence and (shooting) stars?

Dušan Pavlović

During the meetup, Dušan will talk about how computer vision, deep learning, and research on meteors (shooting stars) overlap. You will find out how relatively easy you can apply your knowledge of neural networks to solve the problem of automatic detection of meteors in astronomic data made by radio detectors. This problem is one of the most complex ones in this field and our understanding of different problems in the Solar System depends on it.

14/12/22 06:00 PM

Demystifying the Management 3.0 & How I beat luck

Vladimir Kelava & Aleksandar Stoisavljević

This December, we have prepared two phenomenal, inspiring lectures for our community.

First Lecture: Demystifying the Management 3.0
Second Lecture: How I beat luck

22/11/22 06:00 PM

Secret Shortcuts of Loading Web Performance & Critical Thinking in Software Engineering

Slavko Salontaji & Nikola Mitrović

This time, two Geekstone Heroes prepared excellent lectures for the community.
First Lecture: Slavko Salontaji - Critical Thinking in Software Engineering
Second Lecture: Nikola Mitrović - Secret Shortcuts of Loading Web Performance

13/09/22 06:00 PM

The Only Thing That Matters In DevOps Is...

Viktor Farčić

DevOps engineers tend to be obsessed with their favorite tools and platforms. That could be Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana, Crossplane, or any other among a myriad of those labeled as "DevOps". However, that is often missing the point of what we're trying to accomplish.

25/05/22 06:00 PM

Tips from a Software Architect: What (not) to do on your projects

Stanislav Grujić

Do you want to become a software architect one day? Or you have already become one? In what way do you plan to maintain your team and ensure your project success?

During this lecture, Stanislav will share with you his perspective on the things you should (shouldn't) do to become and be successful as a software architect on the projects you are working on.

14/04/22 05:30 PM

Data structures, and why should a programmer like me care about it?

Zoran Horvat

Today, each more popular programming language has its own libraries which enable us to easily develop a code for data processing which apparently has arbitrary complexity and scope.

08/12/17 09:02 AM


03/06/16 06:02 PM

Ad Targeting in the wild

Mihajlo Grbović

In this talk MIhajlo will give an overview of different approaches he took to adapt ad targeting to a particular platform, including Yahoo Search, Tumblr, and Yahoo Email.


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Software engineers, if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with people that face similar challenges in everyday programming life, become our Geekstone Hero speaker.

You will be asked to send us your first and last name, position, contact phone, the topic of the lecture and a description.

We would also need:

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The length of presentations should not exceed 45 minutes and still be 15 minutes of discussion. The lecture is supposed to be in the English language.

You can bring your laptop, or we can provide one for you, your responsibility is to show up 30 minutes before your presentation.

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